Transportation Design : 

Thanks to 10 years of experience with big manufacturers. Woolf&Woode Design Consultancy helps you to create great user-oriented products from the first sketch to the  last stage of industrial development. W&W also monitors the entire manufacturing process. 

"The best product is not the one with the highest capacity, but the one whose capacity is fully occupied."

W&W Design solutions help you create the most attractive products. 

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train exter01
train inter
transport Aerotrain
jaguar l-type
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transport motos

Product Design : 

Woolf&Woode helps you bring to the market highly desirable products.  Thanks to our user-centric approach, your products will meet their users' concerns and showcase their advantages compared to their competitors. We take extra care that your product fits in a viable economic model, and is industrialisable.


W&W provides its services in a comprehensive range of products such as : 

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Industrial Products



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arc table

Design Management : 

Woolf&Woode provides its services through the entire design process : Ideation, conceptualisation, industrialisation monitoring, manufacturing monitoring. Woolf&Woode is able to councel you on the right design strategy to adopt or to hire the right team dedicaced to your project.

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process 01
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Design Thinking : 

Woolf&Woode can sensitize your company by conducting creativity seminars and workshops. Woolf&Woode Design Thinking process inspired by the IDEO approach helps you improve the creativity of your team in its process of working, and on its product strategy. W&W accompanies you in building an interdisciplinary team that will perform.

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