Augustin Boisleux, Director and Founder of Woolf&Woode Design Consultancy

Enhancing people's life has always inspired my career's choices and personal initiatives.

Working for Jaguar Cars and Alstom Transport for 10 years as a transportation designer allowed me to improve the travelers’ experience by designing a new generation of cars and high speed trains that are more user friendly.


Following my desire to know my users more intimately, I regularly travel around the world. These trips help me to see the World through different perspectives and to find inspiration. 


After several successful ventures with Alstom, I took the bold step to leave and create my own Design Consultancy Company - Woolf&Woode Design Consultancy. The goal of W&W is to apply my professional experience and user-oriented approach to help companies create smart innovations


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Alstom Transport

2004-2015 - Paris, France

I arrived in 2004 in a company where Design was starting its integration. I contributed to the creation of the Design&Styling Department by introducing the Design process within the different departments of the company.

I was Lead Designer on major tenders, handled industrial development and Research&Development projects, leading many projects from concept to reality such as  : 

-Sydney's tramway (Australia): Exterior design 
-TGV duplex (SNCF, France): Interior design
-Nottingham's tramway (England): Exterior design 
-Régiolis: Next Generation Regional Train for SNCF (France). Exterior design

-Prima 2 : Next Generation Locomotive. 
-AGV : Next Generation of very-high-speed-train (Italo, Italy). Exterior and interior design (2005-2008).

Major Reports and Workshops :

- European Commission Report 2015: Wrote a major report for the European Commission’s ‘ Shift2rail ’ program, on how to improve comfort and attractiveness of rail transportation. This report analyzed comfort and attractiveness, compared it with the other means of transportation in Europe and gave keys to improve it. My work involved a strong analysis of the current transportation market, the future needs of the users in the next 50 years following a user experience centric-approach. The report was based on extensive European surveys, universities studies, and analysis of the competitors.

-Perceived-Quality : I wrote a report on Perceived-Quality and introduced its benefits to the Technical Department in Alstom.

-Design Thinking Workshop: Introduced the design thinking process to the Alstom’s directors board seminar in 2015. Performed a workshop focusing on their vision of User's Experience.

I also assessed Design strategies of clients, analyzed process workflows, cost efficiency and fostered new business opportunities for Alstom and its customers.

My role was also to advise the customer on having the best design and a visionary user experience at the lowest cost and highest reliability.


I regularly conduct lectures and workshops in Design Schools as well as serve as a Jury member and sketch instructor. Most of my instruction is on common transportation and human mobility. Schools include  : 

Institut Supérieur de Design - Valenciennes - France

Créapole - Paris - France

Strate - Paris - France

L'Ecole de Design - Nantes - France

DSK - Pune - India

Jaguar Cars

2002-2004 - Coventry, England - Junior Designer


-Jaguar L-type : Made a proposal for a SUV in the Jaguar Range. Exterior and Interior design. Collected and analyzed data which ensured better industrial engineering, and design optimization for Jaguar.
-Jaguar X-type, exterior design : created different proposals for the X-type facelift.
-19” and 20” wheels proposal for Jaguar XJ and XK cars. The proposal “Sabre” was selected and produced for the American market in 2005.

Feel free to download my resume and my portfolio